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Shot by Olivia Hemus for Metro Magazine

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Victorian Garden

Victorian Garden

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There’s too much down time making movies. That leads to boredom. And that leads to trouble.

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Scarlett Johansson | new outtakes by Craig McDean for Vanity Fair, 2014


Zayn Malik: Kim Kardashian Hollywood Edition (insp.)


Your perfection is unfair: Anthony Mackie


"The problem is you’ve been told and not told. That’s what I’ve seen while I’ve been here. You’ve been told but none of you really understand. So I’ve decided I’ll talk to you in a way that you will understand. Do you know what happens to children when they grow up? No, you don’t, because nobody knows."

Never Let Me Go (2010)

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who said she’s afraid of snakes? #It’sBritneyBitch (x)

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